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Our tax blog is dedicated to CFOs, Tax Directors and Business Owners looking to improve profitability, grow their business or implement a succession plan. At Armanino, we see the tax function as a key strategic tool—as nothing less than a vital means of moving you and your company forward. While we excel in making sure our clients meet regulatory requirements—both domestic and global—that just scratches the surface of what we do.

Tax Blog

October 14, 2020

California Offers New Small Business Hiring Credit

Funding is limited, so taxpayers should begin calculations early for this $1K per new hire credit.


September 8, 2020

CA Legislative Session Concludes for 2020; Prop 15 on Ballot

CA passed tax bills SB 972 and AB 3372, impacting corporate disclosure, water’s edge and more. And watch for Prop 15.


August 29, 2020

IRS Notice 2020-65: Guidance for Employers on President Trump’s Memo on Payroll Tax

Review the items that matter most to businesses regarding President Trump’s executive order on payroll tax deferral.


August 18, 2020

Foreign Derived Deduction Eligible Income – Summarized Documentation Roadmap

Treasury released final FDII and GILTI regulations under Section 250, which simplified documentation requirements proposed in March 2019.


July 30, 2020

Surprise, Altera Case has State Tax Implications!

The Supreme Court’s denial of cert. in Altera creates potential state tax opportunities.


July 20, 2020

Portland Has A New Tax, Oregon Issues More CAT Guidance and Washington Expands Its Voluntary Disclosure Program

Here are the latest OR and WA state and local tax laws and expanded guidance.


India Passes 2% Equalization Levy and 6% Advertising Levy on Non-India-Based Sellers

Part of the Finance Act 2020 and effective April 1, this is a direct tax on non-India-based sellers.


July 15, 2020

Seattle City Council Passes JumpStart Seattle, Implementing New Employee Payroll Expense Tax

The bill, which seeks to raise over $200 million a year for the homeless, puts a new tax on companies with Seattle-based payroll expenses of $7 million or more.


June 10, 2020

IRS Releases Proposed Regulations on Excess Tax-Exempt Organization Executive Compensation

On June 5, 2020, the IRS and Treasury Department released the much-anticipated Proposed Treasury Regulations under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 4960, Tax on Excess Tax-Exempt Organization Executive Compensation.  These proposed regulations generally follow the interim guidance in IRS Notice 2019-09 that provided an explanation of the excise tax that was enacted as part of …

June 1, 2020

State and Local Tax Update on San Francisco

Below you’ll find an overview of some local tax issues and relief opportunities for companies doing business inside the city of San Francisco (SF). Based on our more than 20 years as state and local tax (SALT) professionals, we believe the SF Business Tax remains one of the most difficult returns for companies to file …

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